All About: Steve Lantvit Horsemanship

Steve Lantvit Horsemanship

Renowned, award-winning equine clinician, Steve Lantvit, has a fresh and innovative approach to training individuals and horses. Steve’s foundation is derived from the practical application of top-level performance and skills funneled into a philosophy that allows all riders to succeed on the trail or in the show pen. This philosophy centers around building a rider’s confidence in all environments by ensuring safety in situations that could otherwise become chaotic and dangerous.

Providing riders with the ability to control the range in which their horses operate, creates a safe and more controlled environment which then opens up the door to better learning for both horse and rider. This is accomplished by sorting through the issues and isolating the root cause that is key to all other deficiencies in order to propel the rider forward in achieving a higher level of confidence and ability.

Steve’s approach enables all riders at any level to harness the confidence that is essential in all aspects of riding, inspiring a transition that will provide both horse and rider the necessary skills to “Ride for Real”.

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