All About: The Jimmy Sturr Show

Jimmy Sturr

Jimmy Sturr -- the internationally-known “King of Polka,” 18-time Grammy award winner for “Best Polka Album” and bandleader of arguably the most popular polka band in America -- is taking to the stage for another slate of shows made for his fans and polka lovers across the country.

Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra was voted the No.1 polka band in the country for more than 10 years running. They have been featured on the TV show “Jeopardy,” and performed at The Grand Ole Opry as well as on Saturday Night Live, PBS, CNN, ABC, and CBS, over the years.

Fans can also tune in to “The Jimmy Sturr Show” on RURAL RADIO Channel 147 on SiriusXM Radio.


At the time that rock was reaching its crescendo, and in the era when country music was dazzling the nation, a strange phenomenon was taking place. This phenomenon was the rising popularity of Jimmy Sturr as the hottest musical attraction in the polka field.

The reigning king of the field is a good-looking, smiling charmer with brown hair, blue eyes, and charismatic rays emanating from his presence. Sturr is the fellow in front of the orchestra.

Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra have over 106 recordings; the excellence of these recordings has been recognized and rewarded throughout the very competitive music industry. The fact that Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra are on the Top Ten list of the all-time Grammy Awards, -- having won 18 total awards and received more consecutive Grammy nominations than anyone in the history of musical awards -- has made the music industry sit up and take notice. Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) awarded Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra its most valued award, the “Commendation of Excellence,” in 2011, the only one ever awarded in the polka field.

The band constantly attracts crowds of screaming, adoring fans wherever their travels take them. Their tremendous popularity has resulted in not only numerous Grammy Awards but also being voted “The #1 polka band in the country” for the past ten years.

Many great things have happened to Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra, but none have been more exciting than just completing their third recording with country superstar Willie Nelson. In addition, they have recorded with other artists such as The Oak Ridge Boys, Charlie Daniels, Boots Randolph, Mel Tillis, Brenda Lee, plus banjo virtuoso, Bela Fleck, and folk legend Arlo Guthrie.

One of the major events in Jimmy’s career came when the Orchestra was asked to appear on “The Grand Ole Opry.” They were not only the only polka band to ever appear, but the only band to hit the stage with brass instruments.

Five gold albums, each representing five million dollars in sales, are displayed on his office walls where he runs his various businesses which include United Polka Artists, Starr Record Company, Jimmy Sturr Travel Agency, a publishing company, and his syndicated radio show.

When you see Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra, you will know why they have been voted #1 in the country and considered the best in polka music.