All About: The Podfather

The Podfather

From the creators of Corn Warriors, The Podfather is back with an all new season! Join Cory Atley, Temple Rhodes, Perry Galloway, Matt Miles, and newcomer Grant Smith as they power through the 2021 Growing Season. Striving forward with new technologies and practices to face the unpredictable forces of Mother Nature, these 5 farmers will compete to be donned... The Podfather!

The Podfather follows some of the top soybean farmers in America as they compete for profitability and yield. This educational series will help the understanding of Soybean production and its importance in today’s farming investments. Episodes will include soybean farmers competing for the title of Podfather, based on their understanding of today’s genetic potential of achieving higher yielding soybeans, not only for profitability but for world demand and food supplies. Set on a real life stage with farmers in Arkansas, Ohio, and Maryland this documentary series tracks how each farmer is unique in more ways than one. How are they so successful? They track soil and tissue health and use the latest in genetic engineering, but also educate the viewer on the many facets of the industry and how soybeans are woven throughout our everyday lives.