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FarmHer Danelle Myer: One Farm

FarmHer Danelle Myer

Danelle Myer is a Farmher on a mission to grow and provide healthy and fresh food to her community. Ten years ago she came back home to the farm and today she has built her dream: One Farm. Danelle grows 150 different varieties that are unique to her farm, nestled in the rolling hills of far Western Iowa. Her farm is built around her love of nature, the outdoors, cooking and family roots. She sells her produce at the farmers market in their small town and also to a wholesale customer through a local farm delivery service.

Danelle has grown the farm and her customer base over the last decade, learning a lot along the way. One Farm pulls together so many things she is passionate about: farming, physical work, cooking and good food and family. Danelle believes every little thing matters and is living out that passion and philosophy through her One Farm. As Danelle puts it, “one step, one new venture, one person, one small brave act can transform your life, your health and your general attitude and well being.”