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FarmHer Hannah Esch: Collegiate Entrepreneur

FarmHer Hannah Esch - Oak Barn Beef

Hannah Esch is one determined young FarmHer. Hannah brought a love of cattle, entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to dig in, with her to college at the University of Nebraska. There she landed in the Engler Entrepreneurship program and dove head first into starting her own company as a college student. Her class work there and a supportive community around her led her to start Oak Barn Beef, where she direct-markets the family beef to customers around the country.

With Oak Barn Beef, Hannah buys cattle from her father and has them custom-processed, storing the thick cut, richly marbled steaks and other cuts of meat in a freezer on the farm. She sells her meat online in subscription boxes and through direct sales. It has been a steep learning curve on how to price, market, plan, store, and ship meat to customers around the country, but one Hannah has taken on with full force.

Hannah is an inspiration. She’s a breath of fresh air. She’s a reminder to run after what you want with passion and drive. She started her business at a young age and dove in with both feet. While it hasn’t always been easy, she is determined to not only make it work, but make it a success.