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Green Mountain Girls Farm : A Small Farm with a Lot to Offer

FarmHer - Green Mountain Girls Farm

Green Mountain Girls Farm was founded by two incredible women, Mari Omland and Laura Olsen, with a mission to make consumers farm-fresh. Together, they purchased this hidden gem in 2007. In previous roles, both worked in and had knowledge of environmental conservation, and thought farming made the most sense to continue their impact in the world. They founded the farm with two main goals in mind:

  1. Sharing their farm with the world through agritourism
  2. Providing food that is nutritious fuel and delicious to enjoy

Now, Green Mountain Girls Farm is diverse and focuses on pasture raised livestock. Mari and Laura plant a cover crop mix of peas and oats and clover seed for the pigs to graze on while in the pasture. The cover crops will also create an environment for a luscious pasture in the future. However, the clover seed emerges in the wintertime and is underneath the cover crop.

Their farm stand gives a taste to locals of the farm-fresh grown food. In fact, the food is picked to order. The farm store also sells canned vegetables. They even use fresh ginger grown in Vermont in their canning recipes.

Bone broth is another item they produce on their farm. Mimicking nature where there is no waste is so important for both FarmHers. Bone broth provides many important nutrients and makes every part of their animals truly usable. From chicken bones to turkey feet, nothing is excluded from their bone broth in order to live like our ancestors. In fact, some say some bone broth nutrients are better than botox!

Mari and Laura’s passion for agriculture and a healthy planet is extraordinary. They both are completely connected to their farm. From the makeup of the soil to the nutrients in each and every vegetable, they are one with this lifestyle and will eagerly invite you in.