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Kaitlyn Elliot


Down the winding roads of Kentucky sits a small field of sorghum. This versatile plant has been around for thousands of years, but one young FarmHer has made it her own.

“We kept growing and growing and by my Junior year I took some business classes. We went from making 60 gallons of syrup a season up to about 350 gallons,” said Kaitlyn.

FarmHer follows Kaitlyn Elliot as she explains how an FFA project turned into a commercial operation called Poorhouse Sorghum. Watch as she and her grandfather demonstrate the sorghum harvest, show how to make sorghum syrup and share how to bottle sorghum BBQ sauce. Then, head into town to see how local restaurants are using their products.

Elliot credits her grandfather for helping her build the business, but it’s apparent this young FarmHer has the energy for continued success in the sorghum industry.