From “Halos & Horns” to “Honest Man”
“Be Cowboy” with Antonio Moraes
The Country Barbie!
This South Central Pennsylvania with a passion for ‘90s country is making a name for himself in the music scene.
This friend of RFD-TV and the rodeo scene stopped by the Roy Rodgers Studio to talk upcoming shows and music.
“We’re trying to find our own niche within popular country music today, but not straight down the middle.”
Making his own music path
A wave of Kentucky Blue is taking over Music City!
From Georgia, to American Idol, to Music City
Time spent on the family farm and ranch can be heard in the work ethic, character, and morals highlighted in this Kentucky native’s songs.
From Corn Fields to Irag to Music City
“She’s an edgier version of a country artist.”
From rodeo to recording studio!
Ranch Roots Run Deep!
This former 4-Her turned country music artist grew up raising animals with his family – and still plays benefit shows for his local chapter.
The rural roots of this Oklahoma native who grew up running and working on the family farm have helped influence his journey as a country artist.
“Too Idaho for Texas and Too Texas for Tennessee”
These RFD-TV fan favorites, known for “Family Bible” and “Steel Drivin’ Man,” are playing a series of shows in Tennessee to celebrate the release of their latest album, “Let’s Sing Some Country.”
From American Idol to Music City
From the Lone Star to the Music City
West Virginia Proud and Strong!
Country Music Roots Running Deep!
Platinum-selling Artist In The Building!
This native of Humboldt, Tennessee is an up-and-coming artist who comes from a long line of family farmers.
Just a farm boy on the piano!
This award-winning songwriter with 8 number ones under his belt stopped by to play a few songs off his upcoming album, Flower Shops: Two Dozen Roses.
This Georgia native grew up in his family’s cattle operation, and has since been using his passion and talent for country music as a platform to honor his ag heritage.
This Texas native has already made his Grand Ole Opry debut and has 30 million TikTok streams under his belt!
These award-winning brothers have been recording music for four decades and are one of the most successful duos in bluegrass!
Cattle Ranch and Country Music
A Tennessee boy making his dreams come true
This social media superstar stopped by for a little acoustic set to promote her new project.
This Texas native turned country music artist grew up raising fallow deer and cattle while building cabins and working on tractors on his grandparents’ ranch – experiences now heard in his songwriting.
From oil fields to NFR arenas and big music stages
The Canadian cowboy stopped by to tell us some stories behind his songs.
This Texas boy takes us straight to a honky tonk every time he sings!
Kentucky’s favorite son!
This native of the Lone Star State sat down to tell us some of the stories behind the songs.
A Man of Few Words but Many Hits!
He discovered his love for country music as a kid riding around in his cousin’s truck listening to songs – and Nashville quickly took notice.
Bringing “Old School” to Modern Country
Claim to Fame to the big music stages!
Rising Country Star!
Bringing the West Coast vibes to Music City
Battle Cry For Family Farms
Doube Wide Castle and American Dirt
Farmer, FFA Alum, and Country Music Star!
She is not only an amazing country singer but also an ambassador for the NC Dept of Ag!
All we want is Randall in a honky tonk!
From Rodeo to Recording Studio
Ready or Not! Here comes a new Texas star!
This Kentucky farm boy turned country music artist is now showcasing his small-town roots through his music.
One of TN’s favorite sons tells us the story behind his songs
VA farm kid turned Music City staple!
Blending storytelling and traditional country!
American Idol, Grammy awards, and now RFD-TV
Canada’s newest and brightest voice
Noun + Adjective = Song
This Texas native and former rodeo cowboy is staying true to his rurla roots, creating songs that tell a story of hard work and standing by your word.
This Canadian cowboy stopped by for a Music Square Session and to tell us about the inspiration behind his songs!
90’s Traditional has a new generation!