The average American spent almost $1,000 on meat in 2018


According to new stats from the US Bureau of Labor, Americans spent an average of $961 on meat in 2018.

Older groups spent more on average with respondents between 35 and 44 coming in with the most at $1,205 and consumers between 45 and 54 and 55 to 64 also spent more than $1,000 on average.

In terms of regions, the Northeast spent the most ($1,063), with the West coming in second at $1,004 and the South and Midwest spending $926 and $892 respectively.

While there was less disparity among region of residence, respondents in the Northeast spent the most on meat ($1,063), followed by the West ($1,004), South ($926) and Midwest ($892).

Beef was far and away the meat Americans spent the most money on.

The survey factored in only money spent on food that was prepared at home, which accounts for about 57 percent of food spending by the average American.