10 Facts you might not know about Johnny Cash


Country Legend, Johnny Cash, was born on February 26th 1932. To celebrate the iconic Man in Black, here are 10 facts you might not know about Johnny Cash.

  • Johnny Cash was fascinated by birds and once kept an ostrich on his farm. The feeling wasn’t mutual; that ostrich attacked him one day, leaving Cash with internal bleeding and a number of broken ribs.
  • Cash was known for his rough and tumble image, but that doesn’t mean he was fearless. He was afraid of snakes and flying.

  • As a child, Cash worked on his family farm. They had 20 acres of land filled with cotton and other crops. Twice the family farm was flooded, which was the inspiration for his song “Five Feet High and Rising”.

  • Also contrary to his rough image, Cash earned a degree in theology, becoming a minister, and was close friends with the late Reverend Billy Graham.

  • The iconic image of The Man In Black is strongly associated with Cash. He originally started wearing black to match with his backing musicians, the Tennessee Two. The only thing they all had that was similar were some black t-shirts.

  • Music wasn’t Cash’s first love. He bought his first guitar while serving in the Air Force.

  • Also while serving his country, Cash learned how to translate Russian Mores code.

  • There is a species of tarantula named after Johnny Cash. The “Aphonopelma johnnycashi” can be found in Folsom, CA.

  • For many decades, Cash had a pretty famous neighbor in Tennessee. Roy Orbison lived nearby and they often worked together on different tracks.

  • Cash also struck a friendship with another famous singer in an unlikely place. After becoming addicted to painkillers, Cash checked himself into the Betty Ford Clinic where he befriended fellow music icon, Ozzy Osbourne.

  • There are only two people who have been inducted to both the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, AND the Country Music Hall of Fame: Hank Williams and Johnny Cash.