10-year-old raises over $315,000 to provide bulletproof vests for police dogs

Brady Snakovsky meets police

Fox California reports that when 10-year-old Brady Snakovsky found out police dogs don’t automatically get issued bulletproof vests, he wanted to do something about it.

He was watching a show with his family nearly two years ago and noticed one of the police dogs wasn’t as protected as his handler.

After watching the show Brady started a K9 fund to raise money to supply bulletproof vests to police and military dogs. His first GoFundMe page allowed him to buy four vests.

Now, Brady has supplied over 250 dogs with vests and has raised over $315,000. Dogs across 23 states and Canada have received vests, as have military dogs in Afghanistan.

Brady has recently begun a new project where he created a dog park in Ohio that is closed one day a week to allow police dogs a space to train with their handlers.