102nd American Farm Bureau Federation Conference

This year’s theme was “Stronger Together” and President Zippy Duvall highlighted everything the bureau has done to help agriculture since the pandemic began.

According to Duvall, “When the pandemic threatened the entry of farmworkers, we made sure that those workers got to your farm so that you could grow and harvest the crops on your farm. When farmers and ranchers were trying to provide protection equipment for our workers on the farm and their families, we went to Congress and made sure in the CARES Act that they helped you pay for that equipment and the extra housing that you were providing for people during the pandemic. When our farmers had to dump their milk out, and other farmers were plowing their vegetables under the ground because of plant closures, we worked with USDA and our state Farm Bureaus and other organizations across the country to find other ways for you to market your products. We even helped the USDA create a farm-to-family food box that was given out to millions of Americans across the country in a very difficult time in their lives.”

Before the convention’s opening ceremony, the weekend was dedicated to the women who make the Farm Bureau move!

Outgoing Women’s Leadership Chair Sherry Saylor talked about the group’s affiliation with the Ronald McDonald House and how they were able to raise more than $200,000 for the organization.

Tennessee Farm Bureau President

Jeff Aiken, the president of the Tennessee Farm Bureau, discusses the AFBF convention, how COVID has impacted his state, and what his focus is moving forward.

AFBF Economist on “Ag Ecosystem Credit Markets”

American Farm Bureau Economist Shelby Myers discusses the “Ag Ecosystem Credit Markets” session of the convention, some of the highlights, and how it benefits producers.

AFBF’s Dale Moore on 2021 convention

Dale Moore, the Executive Vice President for the American Farm Bureau, discusses this year’s convention, the main highlights so far, and the takeaways.

Iowa Farm Bureau on ag challenges in the state

Craig Hill, the president of the Iowa Farm Bureau, discusses the challenges facing the state’s agricultural sectors and what policies can help producers.

Financial planning for 2021

Pat Wolff, the Senior Director for Congressional Relations for AFBF, discusses financial planning, the value of information for financial planning, and the big takeaways from the convention.

AFBF’s Daniel Meloy on the Foundation Night In

Daniel Meloy with the American Farm Bureau discusses the 2021 convention, the musical performances, and the big takeaways.

2021 AFBF Convention: California Farm Bureau President Jamie Johansson

California Farm Bureau President Jamie Johansson joins MDR with an update from the 102nd AFBF Convention.

2021 AFBF Convention: Oklahoma Farm Bureau President, Rodd Moesel

Oklahoma Farm Bureau President, Rodd Moesel joins MDR with an update from the 102nd AFBF Convention.

2021 AFBF Convention: Minnesota Farm Bureau President, Kevin Paap

Minnesota Farm Bureau President, Kevin Paap, joins MDR with an update from the 102nd AFBF Convention.

AFBF’s “Ag Innovation Challenge

American Farm Bureau Federation’s Sarah Brown-Dirkes discusses the “Ag Innovation Challenge”.

President of the Idaho Farm Bureau on state’s ag, record breaking net farm income

President of the Idaho Farm Bureau, Bryan Searle discusses networking at the AFBF Convention, the current state of ag in Idaho, and their record setting net farm income.

Taking #StillFarming to the next level

#StillFarming started when pandemic shutdowns led to disruptions in the food supply chain. Now, the president of the Farm Bureau says that it is time to take it to the next level.

Arizona Farm Bureau on how farmers can meet their sustainability goals

Stefanie Smallhouse, the President of the Arizona Farm Bureau, discusses how farmers can reach their sustainability goals and takeaways from the AFBF Convention.

South Dakota Farm Bureau on generating new revenue streams

South Dakota Farm Bureau’s Stacy Hadrick discusses how farmers can generate new revenue streams, and what resources are available.

Sonny Perdue addresses the AFBF Convention

Agricultural Secretary Sonny Perdue addressed the American Farm Bureau Convention as he prepares to leave office. He stated how his mission was to put U.S. ag first. For the full story click HERE.

Ohio Farm Bureau on the state’s ag and food system

Frank Burkett, the President of the Ohio Farm Bureau, discusses the strength of the food and ag industry, improving access to mental health services, and conditions in his region.

New York Farm Bureau on farm workers receiving the COVID vaccine

David Fisher, the president of the New York Farm Bureau, discusses farm labor, the 60 hour overtime threshold, and farm workers receiving the COVID vaccine.

Louisiana Farm Bureau on last year’s hurricane season

Jim Harper, the president of the Louisiana Farm Bureau, discussed last year’s hurricane season, COVID-19’s impact on the state, and policy priorities for 2021.

Arkansas Farm Bureau’s campaign for a state meat inspection program

Arkansas Farm Bureau President Rich Hillman discusses COVID’s impact on ag, policy priorities for 2021, and ag conditions in the state.


2021 ag policies are a major talking point at the AFBF Convention

Building a Stronger Ag Industry: increasing resiliency through sustainability

Turning the Burger King controversy into a conversation about conservation

Caleb and Leanne Ragland are the winners of AFBF’s Young Farmer and Rancher Achievement Award

Bindi is Farm Bureau’s 2021 Farm Dog of the Year!


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