2020 has been a good year for sod farmers

2020 has been a good year for one industry-- sod farming.

At a turf farm in Weslaco, Texas, there are signs that business has been booming. The farm has more sod seeking customers than in previous years.

With the COVID-19 restrictions and quarantines, people are stuck inside having to look at their yards. Cato, a farm worker, notes, “Everybody is staying at home and buying grass to fix their lawns.”

The idea of putting out a large amount of sod may be daunting, but it is really good exercise. Cato says that the exercise and being outdoors are good reasons people are coming to his business. He states that he is also seeing more customers because a lot of competition decided to stay away from the market this year.

He adds that the successful sod season for his farm is hitting its tail end.