340,000-acre Montana ranch sold to Rupert Murdoch; biggest in state’s history


Rupert Murdoch recently purchased Beaverhead Ranch in southwest Montana from Koch Industries. The price tag for which makes it the largest ranch sale in the state’s history.

Beaverhead Ranch sits on 340,000-acres of private and leased land. It was originally purchased 70 years ago by Fred Koch, the father of Charles and David Koch.

The ranch reportedly has 7,000 cow-calf pairs.

Murdoch is the founder of Fox News and Wall Street Journal. Back in December of 2021, he bought the ranch for $200,000,000 dollars, which makes it the largest ranch sale in Montana’s history.

“This is a profound responsibility. We feel privileged to assume ownership of this beautiful land and look forward to continually enhancing both the commercial cattle business and the conservation assets across the ranch,” Murdoch said, according to Drovers.

Hall and Hall were in charge of the sale. In regards to the land, they stated that it offers robust agricultural operations and is one of the most scenic ranches.


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Story via Greg Henderson with Drovers