488-pound feral hog killed in Texas

488 Pound Feral Hog

A feral hog weighing in at 488 pounds was killed Saturday in Texas. The massive hog was killed in part of the eradication plan in Texas.

A pair of of hunters with Nuisance Wildlife Removal shot the hog, along with six others that weighed over 250 pounds.

Joel Dudley and his friend Mike Huckabay were hunting the hogs when they came across a group clustered around a community pond.

“We saw this big boar standing around one of the ponds. Even at the distance, we could tell he was massive. We went toward him and couldn’t find him, so we got back on the ATV and went down another road. That’s when Mike got within 20 yards of him and shot him,” Dudley told Bluebonnet News. “There was another big one that I was watching with my thermal scope. He got within 10 yards of me. I had to shoot him because he was coming right at me.”

The population of feral hogs has exploded into the millions in Texas, and encounters with them can be dangerous.