5 Must Have Smartphone Apps For The Farm


Smartphones are an essential part of everyday life and life on the farm is no exception. AgWeb recently put together a list of essential farm phone apps that will make your day-to-day a breeze. From keeping tabs on employees to organizing your to-dos, read on to see 5 must-have apps for the farm.


Day OneKeeping tabs of notes is hard enough at a desk but in the field, it’s near impossible. Day One lets you combine photo and text in one note sheet that is easy to search and sync across multiple platforms. You can even add in location, weather, date, and time to your entries.


WunderlistAs far as to-do list apps go, Wunderlist is the Wunderkind of the bunch. This app allows you to create multiple lists, set recurring tasks, and even has Apple Watch compatibility. Additionally, this app integrates with just about everything, from Outlook to Google to Dropbox, so you can have everything you need right at your fingertips.


Google SheetsSometimes nothing beats a simple spreadsheet for getting the job done. Google Sheets, along with the rest of the Google Office products, are easy to access and share both on your smartphone and computer. Keep track of vehicle maintenance, feeding schedules, or even the kids’ chores at the touch of a button.


HomebaseYour farm is as strong as your workforce and managing employees is an essential part of successful farming. Homebase is a time clock app that allows you to create schedules, track time sheets, and manage labor costs all in one. The app claims to save 4+ hours a week on the HR side of things so you can use that time to focus on what needs to be done instead of the paperwork.


SpanishDictBeing able to speak Spanish is a necessity for those working in the agriculture industry. SpanishDict has everything from quick translations to communicate in an instant to in-depth lessons and quizzes to improve your fluency.

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