6 Ag Podcasts You Should Be Listening To


Podcasts are a great way to stay in the know on a number of focus topics, and agriculture is no different. From the latest tips and tricks on crop management, to the farm lifestyle, to sharing stories that resonate with us all, we’ve put together a list of 6 Ag Podcasts you should be listening to.

Ag PhD


Hosted by Darren and Brian Hefty, Ag PhD is the place to go to get the most current information on what’s going on in the ag world. Ag PhD’s radio show airs on Rural Radio SiriusXM Channel 147 every weekday at 3 p.m. ET/2 p.m. CT. But, if you missed the show or are looking for specific advice, they’ve put all their episodes up in podcast form.

FarmHer Talks


Marji Alaniz’s passion for sharing empowering stories doesn’t end with the FarmHer show; she also has a podcast where she continues to connect and inspire the FarmHer in us all. FarmHer Talks takes a closer look at the constantly changing state of Agriculture, and the women who are leading the charge.

Girls Talk Ag


Hosted by Jennifer Campbell, a farmer and blogger, Karen Corrigan, an independent agronomist and business owner, and Kelsey Litchfield, an agriculture digital media consultant, Girls Talk Ag mixes passions and personalities as they share their unique points of view on the current happenings in the industry.

SharkFarmer Podcast


We love him hosting SharkFarmer TV, but Rob Sharkey can do it all; including podcasting. SharkFarmer Podcast is touted as “agriculture’s most entertaining and boundary-pushing podcast”. We’ll let you be the judge, but we promise it’ll be a fun ride to find out.

Talk Farm To Me


What started as a blog and grew into a greater conversation, Talk Farm To Me is an interview-based podcast that seeks to bring the farmer into the living room; cows and all.

Young Farmers Podcast


Lindsey Lusher Shute, the co-founder of the National Young Farmers Coalition, provides a fresh, farmer-centric take on food and farm policy. The Young Farmers Podcast focuses on the most critical issues facing farming in the U.S. and globally.