8 Facts about Teddy Bears


September 9th is National Teddy Bear Day! From cuddly childhood playmates to collector’s items, the Teddy Bear has worn many hats since it’s inception in the early 20th century. Read on for 8 fun facts you might not have known about the Teddy Bear.

- Teddy bears got their name from the story that Teddy Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear cub while on a hunting trip in 1902.

- The first toy stuffed bear was created by German toymaker Margarete Steiff. She created a soft plush with movable arms and legs and a friendly face after taking her nephew to the zoo in 1903.

- The Oxford English Dictionary dates the first use of the term teddy bear to 1906.

- Washable teddy bears didn’t appear until 1954 when the stuffing was switched to an easier to clean nylon fill. Before that, they were stuffed with mohair, wool, and other hard to clean fills.

- The world’s smallest stitched teddy bear is a mere 0.29 inches tall! It was created by South African artist Cheryl Moss who is known for her minuscule work.

- The world’s largest stitched teddy bear is proudly American! The 55-foot-4 creation was made in 2008 and is named C.T.Dreams, which stands for Connect the Dreams. You can go visit it in Wichita, Kansas!

- Are you a teddy bear collector? So is Jackie Miley, from Hilly City, South Dakota. She has the world’s biggest teddy bear collection, totaling 8,026 bear friends in 2012.

- The official term for a teddy bear collector is an ‘arctophile’.