A barn in Massachusetts, built in 1815, burns down


In Natick, Massachusetts, the Natick Community Organic Farm had a barn that stood for over 200 years. It was a landmark in the community and the center for many generations of farmers. Sadly, it burned down to the ground this week.

The barn was originally built back in 1815 out of oak trees.


Photo via Natick Community Organic Farm’s Facebook

The trusted, and new, farm dog was the one who notified everyone of the blaze.

To add to the heartbreak, the fire also took the lives of thirteen piglets and three female pigs.

“As we face the charred remains of the barn’s timber frame, we know that as we navigate forward, we can call on you, our strong community, to help us through this difficult time,” the Farm states, according to Mass Live.

The Farm also stated, “It was a place for mother animals to safely birth, for our students to learn, for birds to nest, for kids to make crafts on a rainy day. As a town-owned, non-profit farm, this barn has served as a community landmark and a symbol for the spirit of community that our farm represented.”

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NCOF has started a GoFundMe

Story via Jackson Cote with Mass Live