A Beacon of Hope. A Light of Love.

September 28, 2017

“Lane had a special light about him. Every time he walked into a room he lit it up.”

This is how Matt Graves recalls his son, who typically referred to himself using his first and middle names, Lane Thomas. After losing their son Lane in a tragic accident, Matt and his wife Melissa resolved to honor him by starting a foundation in his name, a foundation dedicated to providing financial support to the families of children who are undergoing life-saving organ transplants.

Melissa explains, “We promised Lane that we were going to turn tragedy into something positive. And after going through what we’ve been through, we feel that there’s no better way to honor your child than to give life to another child.”

Matt adds, “His legacy should really be taking that love and the light that he had and bringing that to other families, so they have hope.”

As a family who knows what it is like to endure trauma, Matt and Melissa Graves want to see other families who are fighting for the lives of their children to be provided with resources that will allow them to focus on what is truly most important during those trying times.

Find out more about the special mission of The Lane Thomas Foundation – and consider making a donation – at the following link: