A consumer advocacy group has released a list of ten toys that could possible harm your child


(AP)--"Although intended for fun and entertainment, many toys contain hidden hazards unnecessarily putting children at risk of injury or death,” that is according to World Against Toys Causing Harm Inc. This consumer advocacy group has released their “10 Worst Toys” of the year list.

The organization releases this list every year to help parents better navigate the toy aisle and to make sure that children everywhere remain safe, especially as the holidays approach.

There are an estimated 240,000 toy-related injuries to children a year. According to WATCH, a child is brought into the ER every three minutes due to a toy.

The Toy Association said that parents and others should always choose age-appropriate toys, encourage safe play, and make sure they purchase reputable toys.

Here is their top 10:

  • Calico Critters Nursery Friends (choking hazards)

  • Missile Launcher (eye and facial injury potential)

  • Marvel Avengers Vibranium Power FX Claw (eye and facial injury potential)

  • Gloria Owl (potential for ingestion)

  • WWE Jumbo Superstar Fists (possible blunt force and impact injuries)

  • Sci-Fi Slime (chemical injuries)

  • Boomerang Interactive Stunt UFO (propeller-related injury)

  • Boom City Racers (eye and facial injury potential)

  • My Sweet Love Lots of Love Babies Minis (choking hazard)

  • Star Wars Mandalorian Darksaber (blunt force and eye injuries potential)

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