A contract library will help with cattle market transparency

The American Farm Bureau Federation is praising new legislation on price transparency in cattle markets.

The Cattle Market Transparency Act is expected to ease much of producers’ frustration in the cattle market, by creating a contract library to compare the terms of their contracts versus others in the industry.

Farm Bureau’s Congressional Relations Director Scott Bennett shares how grassroots efforts paid off: “If AFBF is to support a mandatory minimum negotiated trade, it must be cognizant of regional differences, and this bill does exactly that. Supporting Sen. Deb Fischer and Ron Wyden’s Cattle Market Transparency Act is a huge step forward for AFBF... Because of their leadership, we’re able to proudly support this bill, which certainly moves our industry forward. That, to me, is what Farm Bureau is all about. So, I would encourage all Farm Bureau members to reach out to your local congressman and senators and ask them to support the Cattle Market Transparency Act of 2021.”

The Cattle Market Working Group spent more than two months investigating factors that led to market disruptions following the Holcomb packing fire and the pandemic.


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