A Disastrous Plan: Ag groups oppose Biden administration’s plan to introduce grizzly bears in WA

The Biden administration wants to introduce grizzly bears to the Northern Cascades ecosystem in Washington state. It is an effort to boost the grizzly bear population but ag groups oppose it.
Congressman Dan Newhouse and NCBA say that it would be disastrous for everyone, including rural communities.

They say that past administrations have backed down when they look at the science.

This was a topic on Tuesday’s Cow Guy Close, and Tommy Grisafi from Advance Trading said this is going to be a problem.

NCBA and Public Lands Council would probably like to know that answer.
Director of Government Affairs, Sigrid Johannes spoke with RFD-TV’s own Tammi Arender on what the plan aims to accomplish, possible ripple effects, and why this administration chose to focus on the problem.