A “Gas Tax Holiday” is not the answer if you want proper infrastructure

We have all seen how high gas prices have gotten in recent months, but the current idea of a “Gas Tax Holiday” might not be the best remedy.

That is according to Mike Steenhook, Soy Transportation Coalition Director. He says that most of the high price of gas does not come from federal or state taxes.

“The big challenge when they’re filling up their tanks is the cost of the fuel itself and to get it from where it’s produced, through the refining process, and eventually, at the gas station,” he explains. “That is what they are paying for. The fuel tax itself is a pretty minimal component of that, and so, while it wouldn’t provide a lot of tangible relief to your average American, it would deplete the amount of money that we’re trying to invest in our infrastructure. And most Americans want to have a well-maintained system of roads and bridges, and that does not get achieved if we’re all of a sudden not devoting the necessary resources to it.”

He adds that while building up our infrastructure costs a lot of money, it should be considered an investment, especially in rural America.


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