A “happy accident” results in two rare lambs

rare twins 1280.jpg

Photo via Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park on Facebook

Farmer Palmer’s is located in Poole, Dorset, a coastal town in southern England. They have recently welcomed two new lambs to their operation— and they are like no other!

One of the petting farm’s Shetland ewes found her way into the ram enclosure, where she mated with a Valais ram.
The two breeds do not typically mix but the staff showed much excitement for the new “Shalais” sheep.

“You only need a couple of hours for the deed to be done, so we only realized when a couple of weeks ago she gave birth to the cutest little lambs,” Director Sandra Palmer-Snellin stated.
She added, “We didn’t have any plans to put the parents together but nature found its own way and we’ve been very pleasantly surprised by how lovely the lambs are. The ewe is a very proud mother.”

Because of the mix, some of the staff say that the lambs actually look like calves.
The farm is currently asking the public for help to name the twins.

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