A legacy of hard work

Some farmers make it a point to educate others about the agriculture industry. The Georgia Farm Monitor introduces us to one, focused on sharing his dairy story.

Jay Moon helps run Moon Dairy in Morgan County, Georgia. This dairy operation was started back in the late 1940s by his grandfather and his great-grandfather. Back then it was only about 50 Jersey cows.

Now, Moon Dairy has a herd of 120, primarily Holsteins.

According to Moon, “Throughout my youth I was always active helping around on the farm. One of my first jobs was feeding baby bottle calves, and that evolved into my passion for the dairy industry, continuously working on the farm.”

He hopes to spread that passion by working with the youth of 4-H.

“I work with Morgan County 4-H... one of my main jobs is to provide direct service to youth in the form of club meetings, activities related to 4-H, district project achievement,” he states.

He goes on to say that being involved with 4-H at a young age made a huge impact. He was thrilled when he learned about the opportunity to not only work with the organization but to also help kids discover a love for agriculture.