A new bill could create an infrastructure grant to help sell higher blends of ethanol

A bill in Congress will create a Renewable Fuel Infrastructure Grant program and open pathways to sell higher blends of ethanol.

The legislation includes $500 million dollars over five years for fuel retailers to make upgrades. It also directs the EPA to repeal labeling requirements on E-15 blends. If passed, certain underground storage tanks could be approved to store higher blends as well.

There is bipartisan support for the effort and several biofuel groups have voiced their approval.

The state of Iowa is working on its own renewable fuel legislation.

Governor Kim Reynolds submitted a bill that would set a 10 percent minimum ethanol standard for gasoline and 11 percent for biodiesel. By 2025, the ethanol minimum would be 15 percent. The “Hawkeye State” legislation would also provide infrastructure funding to support the renewable fuels industry.