A new way to ag at Old School Farm

If you have ever heard the phrase “Kickin’ it Old School” you might not think that relates to farming, but at a very unique ag operation just west of Nashville, Old School Farm is a prime example that agriculture can used not only to feed and clothe us but give us purpose.

The arduous task of harvesting arugula. The peppery and delicate green is just one crop gown at Old School Farm.

McKenzie Wallace is the agriculture program manager at this farm on the outskirts of Nashville, TN. According to her, “Our nonprofit mission revolves around empowering and employing adults with differing abilities and from different backgrounds.”

Jared McIntosh, who likes to be called J-Rod, is one of the mission farmers. He says that it is a good job where he has made lots of friends.

Josh Gibson is another Old School farm workers. He states, “It gives you something to do. People got to eat food.”

Old School Farm is located on the grounds of what was Wade Elementary in Davidson County. The old school building is utilized for meetings, a pottery studio and a restaurant-- although it is closed due to COVID-19.

However, the real classroom is outside, teaching not just Ag 101 but the concept of community and connectivity.

“Ideally, we’re a great model for people to understand what co-working really looks like and what can really happen when people just work together regardless of differences, but especially because of similarities too,” Wallace notes.

There is also the new way to farm at Old School-- hydroponics.

“It’s two fold, we’re benefiting them but they’re benefiting society as well,” Wallace adds. “They’re taxpayers and they’re heavily contributing to the local food system as well which is really important right now.”

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