A Note From The Founder

This month there will be a substantial number of changes to the program schedules on RFD-TV, RURAL TV, and FamilyNet – the largest number of program changes in the history of our company.

I want you folks to know that we understand how difficult it is on our viewers when we make any changes to the program lineup and move shows from one time slot to another, or even transfer a show to our other network. No matter what we do, someone’s favorite show is affected and we risk losing that viewer, or at the very least, making them very upset. That is something that no television network wants, especially an independent like us.

I still read every e-mail and letter that comes in from any viewer to our company. Over time, it has proven to be the best barometer for adding programming or making any changes to our program schedule. The changes being made at this time are primarily motivated by reading thousands of suggestions, criticisms, and taking seriously the direct input from our audience.

We have only one goal in mind when making changes, which is to expand and improve our program schedule for the benefit and enjoyment of the vast majority of our existing viewers, while trying to attract new eyeballs to our channels. There is no other motivation. What adds to the difficulty is that we have no “East Coast” and “West Coast” feed, as our channels are in all four major time zones so we try to be sensitive to that fact by providing convenient viewing times and repeats for the most popular programs no matter where one lives.

Please take the time to review the new program schedules contained online and in the magazine, as I believe that you will see the improvements made once they are understood. Here are the highlights and the reasoning behind the two major changes. I invite you to write to me with any comments or suggestions via Patrick@rfdtv.com :

  1. Superior Livestock Auction broadcasts move from RFD-TV to RURAL TV – This will allow Superior to expand their sales on television, while stopping the interruptions to RFD-TV’s regular program schedule (our biggest complaint from viewers, advertisers, and programmers). In addition, Superior broadcasts will then be offered on mobile phones and iPads, plus Video On Demand for past sales will be available on www.MyRURALTV.com because of the move.
  2. Market Day Report & Rural Evening News expand to RFD-TV – Providing rural news, weather, and market coverage is our #1 priority here at Rural Media Group. This information is vital to farmers & ranchers, while being the link to connect city folks with country issues again. Only a few shows were affected with Mollie B and Gaither Gospel now starting a half-hour earlier to allow for the 7:30pm (ET) airing of REN. All programming that used to repeat on RFD-TV from 9am to 2pm (ET) each day now air on RURAL TV, giving those shows over 20 million new homes plus a much more convenient time (5pm-7pm) for watching that airing of equine programming.

This new schedule works great for those that have both RFD-TV and RURAL TV on their system, which is the case for DISH Network, Verizon FiOS TV, Cox, Charter, and most other cable companies. The exception is DIRECTV subscribers, which is still the only major carrier not offering RURAL TV or FamilyNet to their subscribers. We are working hard to get RURAL TV on DIRECTV. Please call or write DIRECTV asking that they add RURAL TV without delay.

Thank you for your continued support. Please tell a friend or neighbor about RFD-TV, RURAL TV, FamilyNet, and RURAL RADIO on SiriusXM. Happy New Year Everyone!!

Patrick Gottsch