A toddler in Tennessee is recovering after being bitten by a venomous snake


Nashville, Tennessee (WSMV) - A Tennessee family experienced true horror when their 20 month old daughter was bitten while playing with toys outside their home.

The toddler was bitten once on her foot by a copperhead. The mother stated that the child was going outside to play when she started screaming, vomiting and was in severe pain.

The father later found the snake nestled in his daughter’s toys which were on the back porch. He stated, “Right when we stepped outside. It could’ve happened to anybody. We no longer keep any of their toys on the back porch.”

Tennessee has more than thirty different species of snakes, with most of them being beneficial to the ecosystem. The state does have four venomous species: timber rattlesnake, pygmy rattlesnake, cottonmouth, and copperhead.

The mother gave an update stating that her daughter is doing better and also wants to issue a warning to other parents to make sure your child is safe while playing outside.