A Week Like No Other: severe weather tears through Great Plains and Midwest

We are beginning to see reports of damage from yesterday’s severe weather events across the Great Plains and Midwest.

Things kicked up in Kansas and Colorado as high winds created a dust storm. The National Weather Service in Goodland, Kansas says that gusts hit 70-75 mph. There were several reports of trucks and other high-profile vehicles being blown right off the road.

In a picture from Heather Busch, she says there was a tractor next to a light pole, but you can barely see the pole, much less the tractor, due to the dust storm.

The conditions spawned several fires across the region. One Kansas farmer shared pictures and videos from Palco. He stated that fires are still burning and gaining ground, and several people have lost their homes.

As the storm continued eastward, it spun off tornadoes in Iowa. Several farms and barns were rattled, just a few days after tornadoes ripped through Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

The “Quad State Tornado” has been classified as an EF4 by the National Weather Service.


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