AEM: The days of seeing lots of equipment on a dealer lot are long gone

There is a big shift happening in the ag equipment industry.

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers says that the days of walking on a dealer lot and seeing several big machines ready to roll out are likely in the past.

Farmers have been buying up new and used equipment as fast as it can be sold, and manufacturers are fighting supply chain disruptions in the steel sector, as well as labor shortages which have kept them from meeting demand.

AEM predicts a 6-10 percent increase in growth over the next twelve months, after which one economist predicts that things will moderate and return to normal. The biggest jump in demand includes harvesting equipment which is expected to grow as much as 15 percent.

Tillage, seeding, and spraying equipment, which could see sales grow 10 percent. Loaders and material handlers, and tractors in general, all with a similar rate of growth.


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