AFBF: August recess is a good time to be an ag-vocate

As the Senate prepares for its August recess, officials at the American Farm Bureau say it is the perfect time to advocate for agriculture.

Tom Donnelly with the AFBF calls this summer break an ideal time for producers to meet with their representatives when they return from Washington.

“We hope that farmers and ranchers will take advantage of this time to schedule meetings with lawmakers, share their stories about issues and challenges they face, but also build that relationship and become a trusted source for the lawmaker on agriculture. I think it’s important for our listeners to remember that the real impact of advocacy comes from personal stories that illustrate how key issues are affecting farmers and ranchers. And farmers and ranchers are constituents, and constituents vote, so take advantage of this opportunity. Be up close and personal and share your story and build that relationship. Become the face of agriculture for your lawmakers,” said Tom Donnelly.

The Senate was supposed to break last weekend but stayed to vote on the Inflation Reduction Act, which the House is expected to return this week to vote on.


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