AFBF economist on CFAP 2.0 payments

USDA has given us the first look at payment data for the second round of assistance from CFAP.

American Farm Bureau economist Michael Nepveux spoke with RFD-TV’s Janet Adkison on the payments and how it compares to CFAP 1.

According to Nepveux, “In some ways, CFAP 2 is ahead of the first round and in other ways it’s behind. In terms of total payments, CFAP 2 has actually put out a little bit more than CFAP 1 had at this point. However, just in the first sixteen days, nine states and territories have not received any funding in CFAP 2; that compares to four states and territories over the first fourteen days of CFAP 1, not getting any payments.”

Ag CPA on the payment process for CFAP 2.

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