AFBF raised over $200,000 for the Ronald McDonald House

Before the convention’s opening ceremony, the weekend was dedicated to the women who make the Farm Bureau move!

Outgoing Women’s Leadership Chair Sherry Saylor talked about the group’s affiliation with the Ronald McDonald House and how much money they have raised.

Saylor states, “Last year we set a goal for $100,000 dollars, particularly during out centennial year, and we exceeded that goal so we set it again for this year-- not realizing we’re going to be in a pandemic, but our women, again stronger together, they were dynamic in the way they went out and raised money and exceeded that goal again at the tune of $217,000 dollars... the year before we raised $250,00 dollars...”

The Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee has been raising money for the Ronald McDonald House since 1997. President Zippy Duvall praised Saylor for her 30 years of leadership. She stepped down from her chair position after six years and says that she will always be “Farm Bureau proud”.