AFBF’s Zippy Duvall addresses how the group is advocating for the Farm Bill

The American Farm Bureau Annual Convention is underway in Salt Lake City, Utah. President Zippy Duvall kicked off the general session talking about how the group advocates for America’s farm families through the Farm Bill.

“Last year I talked to you about the power of Farm and Nutrition programs coming together to advocate for the Farm Bill. Today, we’re united behind the Farm Bill for America’s Families Campaign. So, we brought together a diverse group of agriculture, conservation, and nutrition just to explain why the Farm Bill matters to every American. Our messages have resonated with the public, and through this campaign, we’ve reached millions of people across the country. But that’s just a slice of what we’re doing to advocate for the Farm Bill. So we started working toward the Four Corners way before the Farm Bill expires, four corners of the Agriculture Committee. We’ve got to jump on others. In fact, 2,300 of our grassroots members and leaders came to Washington DC in 2023 to advocate for the Farm Bill.”

Duvall also spoke to the importance of coming together to work on policies, such as WOTUS.