AFBF’s Zippy Duvall calls on Biden to “accept the will of Congress” and repeal WOTUS

American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall is calling on President Biden to accept recent moves to repeal the new WOTUS rule.

Duvall wrote a letter to President Biden saying the rule needs to be clear.

“America’s farmers and ranchers need a clear, consistent, and transparent WOTUS rule so they can continue to protect our natural resources, operate with certainty, and create jobs in their communities. Continual revisions, remands, and reintroductions of WOTUS definitions only sow confusion and ultimately dissuade future investment in climate-smart agriculture. However, the new definition of WOTUS exceeds Congressional authority in multiple respects, ignores recent Supreme Court case law interpreting the Clean Water Act, and will be impossible to implement consistently in the field.”

This comes after the Senate this week passed a companion bill to one previously passed by the House, formally disapproving the new rule.

The Supreme Court continues to weigh the Sackett case, and Duvall says that decision could render parts of the new rule invalid, causing more confusion and requiring yet another new WOTUS definition.