After 24 years, Mila and Andeab Berhane still love what they do at Greenhand Nursery

Being in business 24 years has helped Greenhand Nursery learn a thing or two about the best plants.

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana wholesale plant nursery grows a variety of native and tropical plants including vegetable plants, herbs, flowering plants, fruit trees, bedding plants and more. The Greenhand Nursery has been around since 1992 and part of the Baton Rouge Farmer’s Market since 1996.

“We still love what we are doing,” Mila Berhane said. “The highlight of the week is going to talk to customers.”

Berhane is originally from El Salvador and has lived in Baton Rouge for 36 years. She now does research in sustainable agriculture for Southern University and runs Greenhand with her husband Andeab.

Andeab came to the U.S. in the 1970s to study entomology but was never able to return to his home country because of communism.

He says some were born with a silver spoon in their mouth and he was born with a shovel in his hand.

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