Ag CPA on CFAP payments being frozen

USDA has paused up to $2.3 billion dollars in supplemental CFAP payments. The suspension comes as part of executive orders signed by President Biden, freezing many actions of the previous administration.

Ag accounting expert Paul Neiffer speaks with RFD-TV’s own Janet Adkison on the impact to producers and if FSA will still be accepting applications.

“I think the biggest impact is just the fact that there is going to be a delay. Everything I have seen so far doesn’t seem to indicate that they are going to eliminate these payments, but rather they are going to try to get their hand around how these payments work or why was this set up this way... It sounds like the biggest issue is that there’s going to be a delay-- not an elimination,” Neiffer states.

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FSA and Farm Bureau on CFAP payments being on hold