Ag Director’s Dicamba Ban Decision


July 11, 2017

The Missouri Director of Agriculture, Chris Chinn, recently placed a ban on the use and sale of Dicamba products in the state. The same ban was placed in Arkansas as well. She joined us today to discuss this ban and what led to this decision.

“Since January 1 of 2017, our Department’s Bureau of Pesticide Control has received more than 153 pesticide drift complaints that are believed to be related to Dicamba. This has allegedly damaged thousands of acres of crops across Missouri and we are seeing this spread up into Northern Missouri as well. So, it was definitely something we started talking with neighboring states about. They are starting to see complaints come in as well, so we thought it was really important for us to just hit the “pause button,” to figure out what we can do to better address this issue, and to protect farmers on both sides of the issue,” explained Director Chinn.

We asked what steps are being taken to work towards a solution that will allow producers to use Dicamba products again.

She explained, “We have been collaborating with the three manufacturers to find a new label, a special local needs label that will be specific just to Missouri, that will allow farmers to have that protection back in their toolbox to use to fight weed problems, but also offer protection for their neighbors as well. This truly is intended to be a short pause, and companies have been very responsive in working with us to try to get that new label to us as quickly as possible.”

The timeline of this pause was also discussed.

“We have been in contact with one of the companies, and they are hoping to have a new label to us today. So, as soon as we can get that label approved, we can sign it and it can go into effect immediately. We truly do want this to be as quick as possible, as do the companies and farmers,” said Director Chinn.

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