Ag Economist: Don’t count on a lot of prevent plant in North Dakota

Lower commodity prices this year are a concern for producers across farm country. In North Dakota, ag economists warn farmers should not count on rain delayed prevent plant in the state.

Frayne Olson with North Dakota State University Extension says there will be some prevent plant in the states but anyone counting on a lot will likely be disappointed. He says farmers there typically plant 25 million acres of crops each year, and around a million of those are set aside as prevent plant.

“So, this year we will have a little bit of prevent plant corn. I don’t think we’re going to have much prevent plant wheat. We may have a few acres of canola and a few acres of soybeans, but it’s not going to be horrendous, right? I think we’re going to have something like an average year.”

Producers have until July 15th to submit their acreage reports for most crops, and that data will include prevent plant acres.