Ag groups are ready to fight Navigable Waters rewrite

Ag groups are ready to fight for the Navigable Waters Protection Rule after EPA announced its intent to rewrite it. Farmers are highlighting concern fearing the new rule will be similar to the 2015 version.

American Farm Bureau’s Don Parrish speaks with RFD-TV’s own John Jenkinson on what impact the reversal would have on agriculture, the biggest discrepancies with the 2015 WOTUS rule, and what message they are sending to the EPA.

“The first thing that we are concerned about is having this administration step back from the clarity and the transparency that the Navigable Waters Protection Rule provides,” Parrish states. “We believe that clarity and that transparency balances environmental protection and the clarity that farmers and ranchers need to be able to farm, and we see a lot of support in farm country for that rule.”

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Biden administration intends to reverse Navigable Waters Protection Rule