Ag groups urge Congress to pass an infrastructure package-- quickly

A group of bipartisan lawmakers is ready to present an infrastructure package to the Senate. It comes as a coalition of ag groups urge Congress to act quickly.

The group includes farmers, truckers, and port workers who say that upgrades are vital if we are to compete on a global scale. The National Milk Producers Federation is among the coalition.

Alan Bjerga recently discussed the biggest hurdles facing the milk industry.

“You take a look at some of the delays we’ve been having at U.S. ports and there are a lot of reasons for that, but it just underscores the importance of overseas markets to the dairy industry. You’re talking about one out of every seven gallons of milk is now going overseas and there are great opportunities there, but when you take a look at systems of transportation, where you look at 70 percent of U.S. agricultural exports going through U.S. seaports. If the infrastructure that gets you to those ports or has those ports in top condition isn’t there, you’re losing some of the traditional competitive advantages that the U.S. has always had on infrastructure,” Bjerga states.

The plan just released by lawmakers covers traditional infrastructure and includes no tax hikes, but less than the $2 trillion dollars the White House wants.

They are now working on selling the plan to the Senate.

For Bjerga’s full interview, click HERE


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