Ag groups voice their support for China trade deal in letter to USTR Tai

More than 35 commodity groups and processors signed a letter to the U.S. Trade Rep’s office in support of the China Phase One Trade Agreement.

Soybean producers say that the agreement is critical for them since 60 percent of the crop is exported and half of that goes to China. The U.S. Meat Export Federation also notes that the Asian nation has not fully implemented some of its commitments, like reviewing the use of ractopamine in hogs.

The American Soybean Association says that the trade deal can help further the Biden administration’s climate change initiatives.

ASA president Kevin Scott states, “It’s hard to be as sustainable as we could be if our new traits are not allowed, and our companies are great at producing new things but if China or the EU or whoever holds us those registrations, we’re not allowed to be as sustainable or carbon neutral as we could be.”

The White House has not signaled an intent to reopen negotiations with China during the pandemic, but Trade Rep Tai says that the Trump-era tariffs give the U.S. an upper hand.


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