Ag Lawmakers on Sackett Case: It’s a great day for personal freedom

Yesterday, the Supreme Court handed down its ruling in Sackett vs. EPA, and the High Court overturned the 9th Circuit ruling that had been in EPA’s favor.

Congressman Tracy Mann of the House Ag Committee says it is a big win for all of rural America.

“This is fantastic news. We’ve been working hard on this for the last couple of years. A great day for American ag producers, for the federal government, for the Supreme Court to say no, the federal government doesn’t have jurisdiction over farm ponds, drainage ditches, way beyond the purview of the original tenant Clean Water Act. The Supreme Court and the Sackett case ruled against them unanimously. I co-sponsored legislation that passed the House bipartisan, striking down this regulation. Also, the Senate passed legislation bipartisan striking this legislation that the Biden administration vetoed, so they’ve heard from bipartisan the House, the Senate, now the Supreme Court saying this is a bad idea, we shouldn’t do it. So hopefully they’ll now back down but we will see. Our ag producers, oil and gas industry, are under attack from sprawling regulations every day and to see this action taken by the Supreme Court to roll back regulations to prevent the Biden Administration from overstepping their bounds is fantastic. It’s a great day for personal freedom. It’s a great day for agriculture and rural America, and it’s a great day for those that would say our federal government is way too large and expansive which which I would say is, is the case today.”

House Ag Committee Chair GT Thompson calls the ruling a victory for American farmers, ranchers, and landowners, saying, “The decision reaffirms the rights of property owners and provides long-needed clarity to rural America. In light of this decision, the Biden Administration should withdraw its flawed final WOTUS rule. It is time to put an end to the regulatory whiplash and create a workable rule that promotes clean water while protecting the rights of rural Americans.