Agronomist: Best weed control is to nip it in the bud early in season

The latest USDA numbers suggest spring planting is off to a sluggish start, but many of you are already making headway. It is also a good time to remind you that early season weed control is the best method.

Ag Spectrum Agronomist, Dr. Jim Smart says it is best to nip things in the bud because waiting until later in the growing season just means you are fighting weeds that are bigger and more established.

“When we wait to try to control weeds or wait for all the weeds to germinate and then try to spray them, we’re not getting very effective weed control, or we burn the weeds down and then some of them are re-growing from the base. So, because of these very persistent weeds, it’s more important than ever to try to get early season weed control. And some of that may be that we need to have a residual herbicide that will control the weeds before they even emerge.”

Smart says it is much easier to control small weeds with lower doses of herbicides than to try to control large weeds and be unsuccessful.


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