Agronomist warns farmers should pay close attention to corn rootworm this year

As prices increase for just about everything, farmers need to pay close attention to corn rootworm.

That is according to an agronomist with AgriGold. He says there is a lot at stake this year with higher input and commodity prices, and they want to make sure farmers do not pull back in areas that could cost them the most.

“The old adage is you lose 15 percent of yield potential for each ring of nodes pruned back by rootworm larva in an average year. That pruning limits the plant’s nutrient and water uptake ability, holding back yields and upping the risk of stand issues. That’s why putting a plan in place that consists of the right rotation, the right genetics, the right traits, the right insecticides and the right timing are all very important.”

He encourages farmers to scout for the disease throughout the growing season, especially in fields with a corn on corn rotation.


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