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Duttons Through the Years

The Duttons have performed in every state in the US and most of Canada over their 30-year career, traveling millions of miles and giving thousands of concerts. During the highlight of their touring career, the Duttons performed as many as 250 road dates per year and had four European tours.

In 1999, after viewing the Duttons’ first national television special “Music in Your Heart,” Boxcar Willie asked Dean and Sheila Dutton to take over his theater in Branson, Missouri. Almost 20 years later, the Dutton Family Theater complex continues to be a popular destination.

“The Duttons Through the Years,” chronicles the more than 30-year journey of the Duttons from a young family having fun together in their spare time to one of the country’s most beloved entertainment groups.

Dean Dutton, a tenured professor of economics, never meant to have a performing family. His and his wife Sheila’s desire was to instill discipline in their children through consistent music practice while learning the joy of producing music. As destiny would have it, the Dutton children’s love of music and family relationships ended up changing Dean‘s life forever.

“The Duttons Through the Years” highlights the musical genres the Duttons love most – country, bluegrass, rock ‘n’ roll, classical, and gospel. Join the Dutton family each week, for an amazing variety of vocals, instruments, dancing, and comedy.


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