All About: Gentle Giants

Gentle Giants - Dakota Thunder

“Gentle Giants” explores the world of draft horses on the farm, in the field, and in the arena. Hosted by champion equestrians Pam Minick and Kadee Coffman, “Gentle Giants” travels across America to see draft horses--from the Legendary Budweiser Clydesdales to hearty Belgian draft horses plowing the fields--at work and at play.

Viewers have embraced “Gentle Giants” from the Six Horse Hitch Classic Series World Finals with their gleaming harness and authentic hitch wagons to sustainable farming and logging.

Draft horses helped settle our nation, providing transportation and powering agriculture. Fans enjoy the one-ton power of the Percherons, Clydesdales, Belgians, Shires, American Creams, Spotted Drafts, Friesians, and other unique draft breeds.

Whether it’s the connection to heritage, the massive power, quiet temperament, or willingness to please, there is a camaraderie among those who share a deep love for these “Gentle Giants”.