All About: Live to Farm

"Journey into lives of 2 hard-working farm families to see the risks, rewards, and funny shenanigans that take place every day."

Kevin Kalb is the best non-irrigated farmer in the world. His buddy Brooks Cardinal, has one of the biggest award winning farming operations in the world. Together they are an unstoppable force of agricultural knowledge. But they didn’t get to the top on their own, it took a family effort, built from the ground up. Their family bonds run deep, and their passion for the soil is second-to-none. But farming is especially rewarding when you get to have fun too!

Journey into lives of 2 hard-working farm families to see the risks, rewards, and funny shenanigans that take place every day. From cat-fishing and watermelon smashing, to pig chasing and go-cart racing, there is never a dull moment on these family farms. We’ll also get a modern look at the newest cutting-edge farming techniques that are revolutionizing the industry and providing a greener and more sustainable way to grow.

This brand new TV & Streaming Series blends the fun & excitement of reality TV, with the cultural and educational heritage of farming. Join us as we follow the top farming families in the world, to see what hard work & fun is like on an elite farm.

Kalb Family
Meet the Kalb family! Kevin and Shawn are the proud parents to 4 funloving and hard-working kids. Kia is the oldest, followed by her younger sisters Rhylan and Emmersen. Kogen holds down the fort as the youngest and the only boy. Farming isn’t the only thing these kids are good at; they are elite sports athletes in basketball and volleyball. Kevin has even been know to coach a game or two! Shawn keeps busy running the kids around, that is until there’s works to do on the farm. When it comes time to care for the turkeys or harvest the corn, it’s all hands on deck and everyone gets involved.

Cardinal Families
As fourth generation farmers, Brooks and his brother Brandon have been learning the ropes from their father Jerry since the day they were born. Now that they’re at the helm, the Cardinal brothers have modernized and expanded the operation to include Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Watermelons, 4H Pigs, Trucking, and Produce distribution. It’s a lot to manage, but with the help of their incredible wives Nikki and Chelsey, they make it look easy. Brooks has two sons Dallas and Kix, who both mastered tractor driving by the age of 10. By age 13, Dallas was already running grain carts and combines; it’s a sight to see. Pretty soon, Brooks will be out of a job!